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As an enthusiastic, creative visual communications specialist, I have specialized expertise in editorial, layout, digital, print, concept and branding. I have been fortunate to capitalize on my art, design, photography and graphics to build out unified brand stories for experiential marketing companies, fashion and retail.

Would love to connect to share more about how I could help elevate your brand’s digital and editorial design to best attract your customer.

Professional Experience

  • Leading a sector of project management for LG's NFT booth at the Frieze exhibit at The Shed in 2022
  • Operations coordination for Madonna's pride concert
  • Strategizing and graphics for accounts including HBO, Amazon, Hublot, Tinder Select, Ferrari, Nike, and Stella McCartney
  • Design corporate branding and a cohesive brand story
  • Design email, marketing, and digital campaigns
  • Strategize experiential marketing events and plan events
  • Budget, manage, and track expenses for each project
  • Photograph events and client collaborations
  • Crafted Digital Signage
  • Designed 3-D product rendering
  • Developed patterns for typography
  • Created an internal product booklet (92 pages)
  • Prepped photography for 3rd party e-commerce listings


Editorial & Digital Design 

Email Campaign Design

Visual Storytelling

Photo Retouching

GIF Creation

Social Media Marketing

Web Design

Wire Framing


Creating Brand Packages

Brand Messaging 

Marketing Analytics 

Adobe Creative Suite

Copy Editing

Advertising Campaigns 

PR Strategies

Team Management


Directing Photo Shoots

Nikon & Canon Camera

Hubspot & Salesforce 

Knowledge of PC & Mac

Art History

Strategic Planning

Event Coordinating

  • Create and design editorial
  • Generate digital designs
  • Design website, marketing materials, email campaigns, and videos
  • Relaunched entire company branding (5 departments)
  • Craft GIFs, e-newsletters, and ad designs
  • Photograph and edit products to match the brand aesthetic
  • Increase social media following by 506% across Instagram (2,544),
Facebook (1,164), Pinterest (1,480), and LinkedIn (37) 
  • Manage a team of 12: web developers, photographers, and graphic designers
  • Direct SEO/PPC marketing specialists
  • Designed international travel layouts
  • Formatted visuals and copy

  • Rebranded visual  layouts for 20% of the magazine with exciting new. layouts, bright colors, and crisp designs.


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